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The Archie phenomenon seems to get more phenomenal every year. Having begun life as comic-strip characters, the perennially teen-aged brain children of John L. Goldwater have been translated into more than ten languages, known radio and TV stardom and are now in the process of creating a sensation in the record world. Who could ask for a more diversified career than that? Maybe the secret of the Archie characters’ popularity has something to do with the fact that they have always been so tuned into the times. When they made their debut back in 1942, they were, like all American teen-agers, wearing bobby-socks and sloppy sweaters and dancing the jitterbug to music known as “jive” Today Betty and Veronica are teeny-poppers in miniskirts. Jughead wears love beads and Archie plays rock ‘n’ roll music on his souped-up electric guitar. Proof that though Archie and his cohorts have been around for several decades and, yet, fit perfectly into the world of the “now generation” lies in the success of the weekly animated Archie cartoon series which made its CBS-TV bow during the 1968-69 season. The show, with its zany skits, hit dance lessons and groovy musical numbers, made such a hit it will soon be expanded to a full hour and renamed “The Archie Comedy Hour.” It was Don Kirshner, the series’ music supervisor, who decided to make recording stars out of Archie and his friends. Following his spectacularly successful association with The Monkees, it was perhaps only natural that he should want to give another new group the benefit of the Kirshner touch – and it was a lucky move for everyone concerned! The Archies’ first album, “THE ARCHIES”, took a big step toward establishing them as an important new vocal-instrumental team, and their first single release, “Bang-Shang_A-Lang”, soared on the charts. That song, and the groups’ second single, “Feelin’ So Good S.K.O.O.B.Y.-D.O.O.”, was written by the young, talented composer Jeff Barry who has produced and written most of the songs that have appeared on the two Archies albums. Barry has captured the cool, contemporary Archies style, and the selections run the gamut from youth-oriented songs like “Circle of Blue and Melody Hill” (both written by the young writing team of Mark Barkan and Ritchie Adams) to rock-based dance numbers like “Don’t Touch My Guitar” and “Rock & Roll Music”. You have only to hear them to realise that the world-famous Archies have gained an exciting new dimension.